Apr 21, 2018 | Category: General

On 21st April, 2018 , NAAC team visited at IIC and Sanjeev Singh Research Lab.

Dr. Sanjeev Singh presented the details about the department and different activities in recent years. 


Ph.D Admissions
Research Internships
Industrial Collaboration
Project Incubation

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Dec 28, 2018 | General

A meeting was organised by Dr. Sanjeev Singh on 28 December 2018. Dr. Singh and Sharad Mishra discussed about call for Proposal about IMPacting Research, INnovation and Technology (IMPRINT), a unique technology development initiative of the Government of India through the Ministry of Human resource Development (MHRD). In meeting, two core areas were identified to submit the research proposal that includes Information & Communication Technology and Security and Defence. Each member of the research team give his input about the research proposal.


Open Architecture based Secure Internet Systems

Research Focus

Network & Information Security

Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile Application Security

Teaching & Learning Technologies